National Conference on Zakat & Awqaf held at shaheen

The successful conclusion of the two-day National Conference “Zakat and Awqaf” by Shaheen Institutions Bidar

Bidar. 30/January. The second day of the two-day National Conference “Zakat and Awqaf” organized by Shaheen Institutions Bidar started with the recitation of the Holy Quran.

In the beginning, Mr. Dr. Abdul Qadeer, Chairman, Shaheen Institutions, Bidar, welcomed all the participants in the meeting of the second day and said that from the successful meeting of the first day, we all had an increase in information about Zakat and Awqaf from the speeches of well-known eminent personalities of the country. By following what happened and what they said, we can bring the nation on the path of development in the educational and other fields apart from the development of the nation and the improvement of the economic condition.

Mr. Abdul Raqeeb Sahib General Secretary of ICIF said in his address on this occasion that the duty of Zakat was revealed in Makkah at the beginning of Islam.

Zakat is an act of worship, it is a command of Allah (SWT), regardless of whether we get any benefit from paying Zakat, whether we get any benefit or not, obedience to Allah’s command is the purpose in itself.

The main purpose of zakat is this, but it is the grace of Allah (SWT) that a person pays zakat, then Allah also gives him worldly benefits. is made Referring to the hadith, he said that the Messenger of Allah, peace, and blessings be upon him, said: When a person pays Zakat, the angels pray for him:  O, Allah! Give more to the person who spends in the way of Allah

 O Allah, whoever is withholding his wealth and not paying Zakat, O Allah, destroy his wealth.

Mr. Ameer Edrisee, President of the Association of Muslim Professionals, said in his address that if we use Zakat money for the education of helpless orphans and poor needy students, then the society will also be called good for this work, but by Allah. It will also be a great reward.

He said that we must start establishing Baitul-Mal in our settlements. Zakat should be paid in a planned way even in the smallest settlements.

Let us support the needy students who are getting an education from Baitul-Mal. We have seen that such small efforts in small settlements are being repeated.

Mr. Malik Mohtsham Khan, National Secretary of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind, Member of Waqf Board, Telangana, said in his address that even before Islam, different forms of Waqf were found in the world, but Islam has presented the best concept and best outline of Waqf. The waqf system cannot equal it.

Today, if we take a close look at the Muslim society in India, we see that it is suffering from educational, economic, political, social, and social issues, that it is suffering from backwardness in every field of action.

While he has billions and trillions of property and land donated by his ancestors and ancestors, unfortunately, most of the properties are owned by worldly vested custodians, political actors, land mafias, and government departments. There is a cold.

He said that Islam has emphasized a lot on almsgiving and charity, which has been emphasized in the Qur’an and Hadith.

 Waqf is also a similar case, the only difference is that in Waqf, it is necessary that the thing being waqf should come out of the ownership of the person giving the waqf, Allah  Almighty should be made the owner of it and the original of this property should be preserved. And its benefit should be made public.

Waqf property cannot be sold, mortgaged, or mortgaged. Through his address, he shed light on various aspects of the endowment.

 Prof. Khawaja Shahid President of AIEM expressed his happiness over the success of this two-day national conference and praised Dr. Abdul Qadeer Chairman Shaheen Institutions Bidar for all arrangements.

On this occasion, he said that Zakat is such an important system of Islam that poverty can be eradicated from society through it.

  It is such a system that it increases the love between the rich and the poor. It is a system of helping and supporting the poor and needy in which they do not have to pay any kind of interest.

Zakat is the right, which the creator of the universe has determined for his poor and needy servants like them. Zakat is the economic and economic system of Islam which strengthens the weak and constrained people economically.

  Allah Ta’ala will reward those who give Zakat in the Hereafter, He will save them from calamities and troubles in this world as well.

Zakat givers should try their best to deliver their Zakat to the deserving ones.

In this two-day national conference “Zakat and Awqaf” more than 100 NGO officials from all over the country participated and they dedicated themselves to human compassion and presented the services done for the pleasure of Allah (SWT) in front of the viewers and the audience.